Hi, I'm Vignesh Rajmohan

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon

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I’m a first year at Carnegie Mellon and I love using Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Robotics to solve problems and bring ideas to life.

I'm currently working on apps that solve problems dealing with navigation. Inspired by the story of Theseus and the Labyrinth, Thread is an iOS application written in Python that allows users to leave a digital thread using GPS data and mark landmarks using photos when travelling to document the journey and get accurate directions back to their original location. Meeting Spot is an app that provides groups of users with optimal meeting locations.

I'm also part of a research group at Carnegie Mellon that is working to design, build, and land a rover on the moon as a part of the Astrobotics 2020 lunar mission. On the avionics research team, I am working on testing the central power distribution board of the rover. Working on something that will eventually be on another world is an incredibly cool feeling.

In the past, I've researched natural methods of water purification at Oak Ridge National Lab. I studied the abilities of the Moringa oleifera seed as a coagulant and its effectiveness in the removal of common metal-based water contaminants with the goal of developing a purification method that did not require manufactured and distributed resources. My research was published in YSJournal. This spun off into Project Untether, an online database aimed at providing people in need of purified water with instructions for water purification methods that utilized the resources naturally available to them.

Some of my other projects include: NextUp, a group Spotify based music queuing and voting app that utilizes the Spotify API and Python in tandem with a Flask backend and a React UI and Axios js. Won 3rd overall at a Carnegie Mellon CS Hackathon. Wav3Bot, a robotic vehicle controlled by the tilt of the user’s hand through input generated from an MPU6050 accelerometer. Wav3Bot was made open-source with instructions, code, and 3D print models posted online. I dabble in freelance web design and create and maintain websites for clients.

I also really enjoy helping students realize the accessibility of programming and robotics education and getting students interested in solving problems with electronics and computer science. I mentored a First Lego League Team and was a judge and referee at state and international robotics competitions. I am looking to TA the Python programming course I took in Fall 2018 that I really enjoyed and found super rewarding.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat!